We have been in the market since 2019, starting
with copyright registration services on blockchain,
expanding our horizons to the development of
decentralized applications (DApps), which operate
on blockchain.

We are specialists in bringing the benefits of this
new technology to businesses and people.

Who We Are

We are experts in developing applications on Blockchain.
We even wrote a book about it, the Blockchain Straight to
the Point. Helping Web2 developers to quickly get started
into building Web3 applications.

What We Do

Research & MVP Development

The application of this technology goes way beyond what
is listed here, but we help you to build a MVP to evaluate
how it can be adapted to your current business flow to
reduce cost, save time and even generate new source of

Training & Talks

We can provide customized training and talks at
conferences and private events about Blockchain
technologies to showcase all of its benefits it brings to
traditional businesses.

Project Advisory

Projects can leverage Prèxis Labs expertise by having one
of its team member as advisor for guidance in DeFi, NFTs,
GameFi, Real Asset Tokenization, Fundraising &
Community Growth.



& Relations

Web3 runs on relationships...

Venture Capitalists (VC)

Launchpad & Incubation

Launchpad & Incubation

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Partnerships directly on Telegram at @inPlanB

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Carlos Henrique Campellc

Carlos has spent the last 20 Years working as systems engineer and in 2017 he decided he wanted to dive deeper to learn the underlying functionalities and benefits that blockchain has to offer

In 2018, he first conceived the idea to start his own project and in 2019 he co-rounded Prexis Labs, company that develops blockchain applications and helps blockchain communities build and deploy their projects

Carlos is also an author that wrote and published “Blockchain Straight to the Point” (Amazon) in 2021.
In the book he reiterates the safety and security of blockchain, as well as many or its revolutionary use cases

Advising: MetaBrands (DAO Member)

Wilson Duarte

Wilson is a DeFI super user, Web3 tech advocate and investor. Background Computational Applied Mathematics with a Master’s Degree in Applied Geophysics and spent years In the Oil & Gas industry dealing win project development, research and clients on a daily basis… boring stuff.

He has been involved in the crypto space since 2017 and has been fully engaged in permissionless finance since then. investing, networking and supporting several DeFi protocols… exciting stuff.

He’s been supporting projects on community growth through the DeFi Nerds community, aligning strategic partners and general blockchain business development.

Advising: MetaBrands(DAO Member), RioX, Crypto528DAO

Tom Ngo

Tom has strong foundation in business development and entrepreneurialism having founded several companies over the course of his career. He has expertise in Web3 and blockchain In
addition to FX investing, international trade, retail, and real estate.

Tom is a member of a trading, research, marketing
& incubating arm of the DEXTools ecosystem.

He has been supporting projects on several level such as project foundation, tokenomics, fundraising, strategic partnerships, marketing strategy & business development.

Advising: Fota, Aether Games Inc, Scoremilk


“The team is agile in making changes to ensure client satisfaction after the code is released in production.”

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